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On March 30, 2023, Malaysia will get to see the arrival of the vivo V27, the newest member of the vivo V series. A notable feature of the vivo V27 is its photographic capabilities, which is in addition to vivo’s unique color-changing design.

vivo V27 is equipped with IMX 766V flagship sensor and Aura Light Portrait system that allow users to capture stunning night portraits. vivo builds an aura light using nanoscale light guide technology on the vivo V27 that is inspired by the common ring light. The vivo V27 Aura Light Portrait system, in contrast to the typical ring light, emits harsh flash, providing gentle glow and intelligently adjusts the light brightness in accordance with ambient light. vivo V27 is capable in transforming any environment into a studio-like setting to showcase beauty of the users through the camera lens.

The Sony IMX766V sensor, which was previously exclusive to vivo flagship models, is also included in the vivo V27. The sensor size has increased by 59% in comparison to the previous generation, reaching a size of 1/1.56 inches. In order to make nighttime photos appear more vivid and dazzling, optical image stabilisation (OIS) lengthens exposure and increases light intake by six times.

As for the front cameras, the vivo V27 comes with 50MP front camera that has Auto Focus (AF) with improved focus algorithm, resulting in faster focus and sharper selfies that look more distinctive, vibrant and full of fine details.

vivo V27 is available for pre-order now until 31 March at any vivo concept store. Consumers who purchase vivo V27 12+256GB are entitled for free gifts worth up to RM1097.

For more information, follow vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook Page.

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