Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

    Pizza Hut has announced their new innovative  spin on the thin crust pizza that appeals to a younger palate. Introducing the new Crackin’  Thin Crust – 0.5 cm thinner with an edge-to-edge, much cheesier display. Every crunch is  guaranteed to satisfy your craving for a crackin’ good time.

    Certainly, one might wonder how exactly is the “Crackin’ Thin Crust” different in comparison  to other thin crust pizzas? Emily Chong, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut Malaysia sheds  light on this crucial difference in her statement;

    “The New Thin re-invents everything you know about the thin crust. Imagine a thin crust that  you love, and picture it being even crunchier and cheesier. Our thin crust is created using the  “4K technology”, and by “4K” we mean “4KRAKKK”– which is the combination of an ultra-thin  0.5 cm pizza base with a flavoursome ring of cheddar on the edge that creates the heavenly  cracking sound in every bite.”

    “Moreover, this “ground cracking” innovation also comes with a crunch guarantee- you get to  enjoy the classic mozzarella at the centre plus a unique crunchy cheddar edge, giving you the  delectable texture of both melty soft and crackin’ crunchy in one bite. Truly, now you can taste  more of what you love with the perfect ratio of toppings, cheese and crust.” she added.

    To celebrate this innovation, Pizza Hut is inviting all of their customers to partake in the ‘Crunch  Challenge’ via social media platforms. All you have to do is take a video of yourself enjoying  the Crackin’ Thin Crust and post it on IG Story with the hashtag #CrunchChallenge and  #PizzaHutMalaysia and you would stand a chance to win an Iphone 14 and more!

    Try out the scrumptious new “Crackin’ Thin Crust” today by ordering it through the Pizza Hut  App or nearby Pizza Hut chains for takeout. For more information, please visit  www.pizzahut.com.my

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