Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

    When Art Of Speed Malaysia held its large-scale indoor events at MAEPS in 2017, SoundCircus was only a tiny performance that quickly grew into one of the primary attractions. It was created to give musicians a unique venue on which to display their bodies of work and abilities, particularly for underground bands and musicians who aren’t given the same opportunity to perform in Malaysia as the majority of well-known performers.

    To celebrate its 12-year establishment, Art Of Speed Malaysia (AOSM), together with local e-devices manufacturer, BRO Asia, and legendary motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson, will co-host one of the country’s biggest music festivals – ‘SoundCircus Festival 2023‘ to be held on Saturday, 29 July 2023 at MAEPS, Serdang.

    “Due to the overwhelming response during the 2-day SoundCircus Weekender music event that garnered over 2,000 music-enthusiasts, AOSM believes that the event should be held again this July at a larger venue, and also in-conjunction with the 12th anniversary of AOSM,” explained Mr. Asep Ahmad Iskandar, CEO & Founder, AOSM & SoundCircus.

    SoundCircus Festival 2023 is a music festival that was created specifically to highlight the punk-rock and ska music genres, the first of its kind in Malaysia with high-quality production on par with international music festivals ensuring fans to be entertained in a safe and conducive environment.

    In addition, through the direct sponsorships from international-based companies, ticket prices can be reduced without affecting the quality of the festival whilst opening up opportunities for local musicians to perform abroad. And for the first time, renowned legendary motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson will be part of the SoundCircus Festival 2023, where they are organizing music-related events such as Asia Harley Days in Thailand and Harley-Davidson ‘Homecoming’ in the United States with headliners such as Foo Fighters and Green Day which will take place soon.

    BRO Asia is once again the Official Partner of SoundCircus Festival 2023, which shares the same vision as AOSM while at the same time being able to introduce their brand to visitors and fans of this music festival.

    According to Mr. Roman Lai, Founder & CEO of BRO Asia, “We’re very proud and excited to accept AOSM’s invitation and be a part of this journey once again to make this large-scale music festival a success, which is in-line with our brand’s direction.

    Mr. Sajeev Rajasekharan, Managing DirectorAsia Emerging Markets & India, Harley-Davidson Motor Company commented, “We are pleased to join this year’s SoundCircus Festival 2023 as a key sponsor and further strengthen our presence at Art Of Speed Malaysia.

    “This festival has a strategic importance to us and acts as a key platform for our Harley-Davidson community and enthusiasts to come together, so we look forward to another successful outing this year with AOSM.

    As a reward to all Harley-Davidson enthusiasts nationwide, complimentary passes and tickets are available at Harley-Davidson dealerships in Malaysia, so pay them a visit today.

    The line-up of artistes and bands that will be performing at the music festival are as follows: Superman Is Dead (Bali), No Good, Plague Of Happiness, MC16, Skudap Skudip, Dum Dum Tak, Krusty, Restraint, Naratu and Armpunk Syndicate.

    Mr. Asep added, “One of the highlights during SoundCircus Festival 2023 this time, 5 local bands will be competing in a special segment for Harley-Davidson ‘Battle Of The Bands’ to win the prize to perform outside Malaysia for a festival organised by Harley-Davidson that will take place at the end of this year.

    “Some of the major features of SoundCircus Festival 2023 this year are our new and improved audio-visual system that is way better than before, a special appearance from the band Superman Is Dead from Bali, Indonesia who will perform a total of 16 songs, as well as other performances by local bands to ensure the satisfaction of visitors at its max.

    “I hope that the visitors will be entertained by the performances and the atmosphere that we provide, and keep supporting our music scene!

    For those who are interested in attending SoundCircus Festival 2023, tickets sold are priced at: RM120 (Festival Ticket), RM135 (All-Access), RM360/4 pax (Group Buy), RM35 (Exhibition Ticket) and RM60 (Fastlane) on www.artofspeedmy.com.

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