Discover the Inspiring Story of a Sport Climber Embracing Limitless Potential Unbounded Ascent: A Journey Without Limits

Voices of Galaxy is a collection of authentic narratives that showcase the experiences of Samsung Galaxy users. These individuals harness their passion, creativity, and perseverance, leveraging technology to bring about positive change in their lives, communities, and the wider world.

Mejdi Schalck, a French sport climber and member of Team Samsung Galaxy, has been scaling various surfaces since he was just five years old. Unbeknownst to him at the time, he would soon find himself competing on the grand stage of the Olympics.

He began by observing his idols on social media, who motivated him to eventually challenge them. Despite facing daunting challenges, he never imposed any boundaries on himself, which ultimately led him to his current position on the path to Paris 2024.

Mejdi soon discovered that climbing, much like any other endeavour, knows no limits and is brimming with endless opportunities. Success is within reach for those who remain receptive to the countless opportunities that lie ahead. He also emphasises the importance of remaining open to sharing and learning from others, even those who may be seen as competitors.

Now, Mejdi aims to motivate individuals to maintain a receptive mindset and avoid placing restrictions on their potential.


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