Rising artist Killa Driz debuts with his latest masterpiece named Rap$tar, which also presents his identity as the latest signing of Def Jam Malaysia, spawned from the vibrant indie scene of local hiphop and ready to become the next big thing in popular culture.

Killa Driz who has recently been signed by Def Jam Malaysia. Killa Driz’s talents in songwriting and rap, emphasizing that he possesses multiple abilities in these areas, he also has gained significant recognition as an underground rapper in the indie hip-hop scene, which sets him apart from others and makes him outstanding or exceptional.

The 23-year-old rap star said he is elated to introduce his debut single under Def Jam Malaysia.

Rap$tar shows my overly passionate side in wanting to be better and working hard while trying to explore new frontiers.

It also gave me a chance to express my personal thoughts about being nonchalant and not caring of other peoples’ opinions about us. What’s important is to keep thriving and succeeding,” uttered Killa Driz.

The song which was conjured with Luca Sickta took three months to complete recording and was also given the magic touch by renowned hiphop star SonaOne.

“Sona also made some adjustments to the song after listening to the initial demo and I am very pleased with the final-outcome and collaboration. I think this is the version of me that I have always wanted to portray,” he added.

The track also comes with a well-produced music video.

“The shooting process of the music video was fairly-easy. I had the opportunity to work with Unfold who also shot and directed the video for ‘Sengkek’ by Yonnyboi and ALYPH . I trusted them to fully take control of the production and everything went according to plan. The editing was mind-blowing and I am really excited for everyone to see it.

The concept is also quite unique as it features a lot of artworks including that of Van Gogh’s. This theme was chosen because I myself am an artist who loved to paint while growing up. It is another way of self-expression apart from music.

In fact, I also had a chance to paint my own masterpiece while choosing the other pieces for the video. My painting also reflects my feelings of what I have been through and what is expected to come. To me it is very complete.

These art pieces also symbolise my desire to earn more in life. Everything has a meaning. I dream of something that can bring success and peace in life. This goes hand in hand with the message of the song which sings of not caring about what other people may say,” explained Killa Driz further.

Killa Driz also hopes that this track will be well-received by everyone who listens to it and will also motivate listeners to chase their dreams without compromising their self-worth and values in pursuing success.

Rap$tar can be streams on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, KKBOX, Deezer and YouTube Music on 16 June 2023, the music video has also been premiered exclusively on Def Jam Malaysia’s official YouTube channel.

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