Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) has started the year impactfully with a successful trade mission to Jakarta, Indonesia with a primary focus to establish significant partnership with Asosia Travel Agent Indonesia (ASTINDO) through the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC). Additionally, MyCEB also made a notable visit to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Jakarta.

Building the momentum on new alliances, the CEO of MyCEB announced the formal finalisation of a new partnership, “I am thrilled to announce our new collaboration as we have signed an MoC with Asosia Travel Agent Indonesia (ASTINDO). I am confident that this newly established relationship will empower us to achieve objectives that are beneficial to both Malaysia and Indonesia, including the restoration of our countries’ business events industry, facilitating knowledge exchange, and exploring opportunities for other business cooperation”. Mr. Azman Haji Tambi Chik.

The MoC is a strategic framework marking key areas of collaboration between MyCEB and ASTINDO including joint marketing and promotional efforts for the business events sector. The agreement is also expected to co-develop leads through information exchange of market intelligence on campaigns, initiatives, programmes and projects.

The MoC with MyCEB signifies a strategic step towards reinvigorating our countries’ business events industries. With MyCEB, we look forward to generating quality leads and aim to create a dynamic and resilient ecosystem that will drive the industry’s growth in both regions.” Said Mrs. Pauline Suharno, President of ASTINDO.

Amidst the cultivation of strategic connections, Malaysia embraced a pivotal opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue with Drs. Vinsensius Jemadu, Deputy Minister for Tourism Product and Events at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia. During this exclusive meeting, the Ministry expressed strong support for the collaborative efforts in building a robust ASEAN Business Events (BE) community between Indonesia and Malaysia.

The envisioned ASEAN BE community aims to strengthen regional ties, promote economic growth, and enhance the overall profile of the business events industry across Southeast Asia. This endorsement reflects a shared commitment to fostering cross-border collaboration and elevating the region’s standing as a prominent hub for international business events activities.

In this enriching three-day visit, MyCEB also seized the opportunity to convene with the Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association (IECA-ASPERAPI), crafting the blueprint for future collaborative ventures in the dynamic landscape of international business events.

IECA-ASPERAPI is proud to witness the Bureau’s continued dedication to building global connections. This trade mission is a testament to a productive long-term partnership and the importance of cross-border collaboration in revitalising and expanding the business events sector.” – Mr. Hosea Andreas runkat, Chairman of IECA-ASPERAPI

The year has started extremely well with this visit, reflecting MyCEB’s commitment to international collaboration and growth. In its efforts to strengthen collaborative bonds, MyCEB is enthusiastic to pursue a series of trade missions with the pioneering countries of the business events industry. This venture has strengthened existing partnerships in addition to laying the foundation for new alliances that will shape the future of the business events industry,” commented Mr. Azman Haji Tambi Chik, CEO of MyCEB.

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