Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

In a concerted effort to bolster Malaysia’s position as a prime destination for business events, an exciting collaboration is underway between Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and Business Events Sarawak (BE Sarawak). Taking place in Sheraton Kuching, the MyCEB – BE Sarawak Engagement with BE Sarawak Industry Partners 2024 anticipates the participation of approximately 100 stakeholders from various sectors, including Professional Conference Organisers (PCO), Professional Exhibition Organizers (PEO), Event Management Companies (EMC), Destination Management Companies (DMC), associations, and relevant government agencies.

Central to the agenda of this event is the spotlight on MyCEB’s innovative incentive campaign – MyTripleE, unveiled in August 2023. This initiative seeks to showcase Malaysia’s offerings in the targeted market segments namely convention, exhibition, as well as corporate meetings and incentives, with a special focus on Sarawak and the state’s potential. The collaboration aims to engage with partners, such as travel agents, hotels, and product owners, in promoting and leveraging the MyTripleE campaign.

Mr. Azman Haji Tambi Chik, CEO of MyCEB, expressed his anticipation for the collaborative endeavor, stating, “MyCEB is steadfast in its commitment to bolster the state of Sarawak’s business events and cultivate collaboration with the state bureau. Our dedication extends to invigorate engagements and foster enduring partnerships. Therefore, we are here to champion the MyTripleE Campaign, highlighting Malaysia’s strengths and opportunities. It brings us great excitement to collaborate with BE Sarawak for this event, marking a significant milestone in propelling Malaysia’s business events sector forward.

Echoing this sentiment, Ms. Amelia Roziman, CEO of BE Sarawak, emphasised the significance of strategic alliances in driving progress within the business events industry. “BESarawak will continue giving support to MyCEB in propelling business events industry development. Our partnership and collaboration with MyCEB through the initiative like MyTripleE campaign demonstrate unwavering commitment to support and attract more business events to Sarawak while elevating Sarawak as a premier destination for business events in Asia.

MyCEB recorded a modest closing at 20 supported international events that brought together 19,173 total delegates with an estimated total economic impact of RM 155.9 million in 2023, for the state alone demonstrating its ability to truly bring the world together. With representation from all corners of the globe, these large events showcased the state’s sophisticated event infrastructure, excellent connectivity and engagement with the issues confronting businesses and society. As it becomes an increasingly important platform on the world stage, these strengths are being harnessed for business events of all sizes.

MyCEB – BE Sarawak Engagement with BE Sarawak Industry Partners 2024 promises ample opportunities for networking, engagement, and collaboration with the state bureau and industry partners, reinforcing the shared dedication of MyCEB and BE Sarawak to fostering growth and innovation in the business events sector.

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