Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

DOLLA, a local girl trio that debuted a few years ago, has never ceased turning heads in the local music sorority. The group, which comprises of four stunning members named Sabronzo, Tabby, Angel, and Syasya, continues to forge a route in the world of mainstream entertainment.

Since making a mark on the famous New York Times Square digital billboard last year, the girls can now add another feather to their hats as world renowned YouTube channel MsMojo enlists them in one of their recent videos.

The MsMojo channel has listed DOLLA in The Top 10 International Girl Groups to Add to Your Playlist video.

In the video 10 girl groups from various parts of the world have been chosen to grace the list. These girl groups come from different corners of the globe including the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America, Japan, Korea and even Southeast Asia including Malaysia and the Philippines.

DOLLA is placed at number six in the list and is the only Malaysian girl group to have made the cut. Among the other big groups that made the list are Japanese stars XG and K-Pop sensation New Jeans.

According to the channel, DOLLA was chosen not only because of their sleek moves but also due to their viral presence on social media. This includes the success of their Malay hit ‘Raya Raya Raya’ which successfully gathered millions of followers worldwide.

In this modern day and age of digital speed, this success is truly a victory for the girls of DOLLA, as MsMojo is regarded as one of the most popular and credible YouTube channels in recognizing international talents that have created impacts across the globe.

With more than 5 million subscribers on the channel, followers of DOLLA are expected to increase by the minute.

MsMojo is one of the YouTube channels under the mother channel WatchMojo, a world-renowned top video channel on YouTube which is headquartered in Canada.


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