Feel the Potential of Samsung Wallet: Unlock up to RM720 in Yearly Rebates and Exclusive Promotional Pricing!

Discover the game-changing Samsung Wallet, now accessible on the budget-friendly Galaxy A15 5G. Experience a new level of convenience in managing your everyday transactions. Discover the incredible benefits of this tool that simplifies and enhances your financial management. By incorporating a debit card feature, users can effortlessly add their card and experience the ease of making contactless payments at any NFC terminal with just a single tap.

Say goodbye to the hassle of digging through bags to find physical cards – Samsung Wallet streamlines transactions, making everyday payments a breeze. No matter if you’re covering tolls, fuel expenses, or grabbing a bite to eat at a fast food joint, you have the opportunity to accumulate points without any minimum spending requirements. These points add up rapidly, giving you the opportunity to save up to RM720 per year on any item from the Samsung online store, as well as receive appealing vouchers.

Ensuring top-notch security is of utmost importance to Samsung Wallet. Knox Security ensures the protection of your valuable data, even in the unfortunate event of losing or having your phone stolen. This improved security feature offers a sense of security, making Samsung Wallet a valuable tool for users who are mindful of their budget and want to make the most of their savings and rewards when making everyday purchases.

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly smartphone that offers a range of valuable features, the Galaxy A15 5G is now on offer at a discounted price, starting from RM899. Take advantage of the Parents Day promo and save up to RM200 on the Galaxy A15/A25 5G until 17 June 2024. Visit your nearest Samsung store or browse online to seize this incredible opportunity and enjoy the convenience and security of Samsung Wallet on the latest Galaxy A15 5G.

Galaxy A15 and Galaxy A25 5G 
Models RAM + Storage RRP Promotion Price Colours
Galaxy A25 5G 8GB + 256GB RM1,299 RM1,099 Blue, Blue Black, Yellow
Galaxy A15 (LTE) 8GB + 256GB RM999 RM899

Light Blue, Blue Black, Yellow

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