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After years of experimenting with songs, space, and many instruments from various eras and nations, MonoloQue decides to return to the essentials of music, which are melodies and tunes. Introducing their “new sound.” They offer the “new” monoloQue, in contrast to what they have been doing all these years, chaotic years of manufacturing and developing.

The latest upcoming monoloQue song, “Lagu Cinta,” is something so straightforward, innocent, yet profound and meaningful. The overall style of the band’s impending new album is hinted at in this song. The worth of love in life is the subject of the song. Love becomes the source of resiliency during difficult circumstances. Love brightens it more on brighter days.

This circumstance is reflected in the song through its compositions and structure as well as by the lyrics that it uses to convey it. “The minor keys represent the gloom, sorrow, and unrest.” The major keys start to come in during the bridge, though, and the song starts to express the opposite emotional state. A softer, warmer sensation,’ claims LoQue. This immediately invokes the idea of balance in life. There’s always hope at the end of the road.

Lagu Cinta also brings a symbolic meaning. It is an homage by LoQue for his deceased sibling who got into an accident almost two decades ago. LoQue came to the realisation that death is, in fact, unavoidable and a natural part of life as a result of this loss. Death, however, also remains a mystery and a matter of the unknown. LoQue declares, “I hope this music can cross dimensions.” None really bears the knowledge of what is life after death. But to have faith, is a powerful thing. LoQue stands by the thought that the verses of this song will reach to where his sibling rests, and at once giving the impression that the song romanticises death in a way it also brings a message of hope and resilience.

As compared to monoloQue’s previous songs and albums, Lagu Cinta is much more direct and simple. Its melodious nature marks its distinction from the band’s whole discography especially their second album Jangan Puja Sampai Kecewa.

The compositions and lyrics are from LoQue, produced in the great Makmal Kampung Batu itself, the very studio that weaves the sounds of monoloQue. Supervised by the ever-meticulous Ammar “Lautan”, Parameswara, Lut and LoQue himself. Alongside them, the technicians Eri Ambia, Pengiran PG, Mujahid, and Lut. Clinched and mastered by LoQue and Felix Voon.

Lagu Cinta will be out on all digital streaming platforms on the 16th of December 2022.

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About monoloQue

MonoloQue as a band was established in 2009 by Butterfingers guitarist Khairil Ridzwan Anuar or Loque. At the beginning of the establishment, MonoloQue consisted of Loque, Kadax, Loko, Ijoo (Gagak Itam), and Adam (Senyap). A change in band members took place in 2011 where Adam was replaced by Apex. In 2014, Loko left and was replaced by Bakri Ismail. The music performed by MonoloQue is an experimental genre embroidered with poetic lyrics.

After more than 1 decade of playing and changing temporary members, this post-pandemic witnesses monoloQue reborn with a “Bunyi Baru” or new sound. A fresher vibrations of the guitar from Harry “Mystery” whom loQue calls the “New Element”. Along the resurfacing of the drum/beat element brought to life by the “Orang Lama” Loko (who has been with loQue since Butterfingers days and the beginning of the monoloQue era) has been revamped comprehensively, breaking the monoloQue sound barrier, explore a new era of the band’s sound.




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