Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau Presents the 7th Edition of Penang Roadshow to India 2024

Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau (PCEB) is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated 7th edition of the Penang Roadshow to India 2024, spanning across four diverse cities from 15 to 22 January – Mumbai (15 January), New Delhi (17 January), Chennai (19 January), and Kochi (22 January). This expansive roadshow provides a unique opportunity for Indian travel enthusiasts and industry professionals to immerse themselves in the offerings of Penang, a destination celebrated for its unique blend of cultural richness and contemporary allure.

The ‘Penang Odyssey’ campaign is a strategic initiative by PCEB aimed at elevating Penang as the preferred destination for both business meetings and leisure escapades in the Indian market. With a dual focus on business and leisure, the campaign strives to foster mutually beneficial relationships with India’s travel agents. The Penang Odyssey campaign is poised to explore new avenues to captivate the Indian market, recognizing its significance as a key market for Penang.

Anticipate a gathering of approximately 200 buyers from each city, creating a dynamic platform for networking, collaboration, and business expansion. The Penang Odyssey aims to showcase Penang’s diverse offerings, forging connections that transcend borders and unveiling the immense potential for collaboration between Penang and the Indian travel industry.

In 2023, Penang hosted around 600 events with 160,000 delegates, signaling a robust event calendar with an estimated economic impact (EEI) of RM1 billion. This accomplishment sends a resounding message of confidence, highlighting Penang’s readiness and capability to host large-scale, world-class events, reinforcing its position as a premier destination for business and leisure.

Malaysia’s commitment to facilitating seamless travel experiences is underscored by the recent nationwide introduction of a visa-free regime, allowing stays of up to 30 days starting from 1 December 2023 to 31 December 2024. This strategic move enhances accessibility for Indian visitors and presents a significant opportunity to further strengthen direct airline connectivity with India. Recognizing the growing demand and interest from the Indian market, Penang is actively working to establish additional direct flights, providing more convenient options for those looking to explore the vibrant charm of Penang.

Embark on a journey of possibilities at the 7th edition of the Penang Roadshow to India 2024. Experience the dynamic convergence of culture, business, and leisure, positioning Penang as the prime destination for your next extraordinary adventure.

For more information of the event, visit here: Penang Roadshow to India 2024

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