Suria KLCC’s vintage affair sparks CNY magic

Suria KLCC, Malaysia’s Iconic Experiential Shopping Destination,  is set to enchant visitors with an immersive Chinese New Year celebration by transporting visitors to  the vibrant heydays of old Shanghai. Running from January 12 to February 18, 2024, the 38-day  extravaganza unfolds the rich cultural tapestry of the 1920s and 1930s, often referred to as the “Paris  of the Orient.”

Suria KLCC’s Centre Court presents shoppers with a lively old Shanghai street, complete with  traditional double-storey shop lots. Among the engaging experiences, visitors can explore a beautifully  adorned tailor shop showcasing the art of tailoring and the iconic cheongsam, and a restaurant  featuring traditional reunion dinner dishes. The setting will also include rickshaws, a retro vintage car  for photo opportunities, and old movie projectors playing classic clips, capturing the oriental charm of yesteryears.

The Esplanade KLCC takes centre stage with a colossal 60-ft tall 3D dragon replica. Symbolising the  Year of the Dragon, this awe-inspiring installation, aptly named Dragon of Prosperity, promises to be  a visual spectacle to all.

To further heighten the festive ambience, visitors can enjoy traditional Acrobatic Lion Dance  performances every Sunday at 5 pm at the Esplanade KLCC, and Dragon Dance at the Centre Court  every Saturday at 2 pm throughout the campaign duration.

Suria KLCC elevates the festive shopping experience with valuable rewards. Those who spend  RM1,500 and above in two receipts will receive RM100 in Suria KLCC Shopping e-Vouchers along  with a set of Suria KLCC Red Packets.

For added value, customers purchasing RM1,000 worth of Suria KLCC Shopping e-Vouchers will  enjoy an extra RM100 in e-Vouchers. This exclusive offer is limited to the first 50 shoppers.

Capture the essence of the era at the Festive Photobooth, where shoppers can dress up in traditional  Chinese costumes and enjoy unlimited photo printouts, along with e-copies. For more photo  opportunities, the entrances of Centre Court, Esplanade KLCC, Ampang Mall and Ramlee Mall Level  1 come alive with Instagram-worthy festive decorations.

Shoppers who purchase the Suria Ribbon Pin at RM10 in support of Mental Health Awareness will  receive a set of Chinese calligraphy couplets with auspicious greetings. During weekends, shoppers  will also witness the artistry of the Chinese calligrapher who will be creating the couplets live upon the  Suria Ribbon Pin purchase.

“Chinese New Year is not just a celebration; it’s a deeply meaningful cultural journey. At Suria KLCC,  we’re honoured to curate an immersive experience that transports you to the captivating beauty and  grace of old Shanghai era. This celebration is more than traditions; it’s about binding people together  in a tapestry of shared heritage and joy,” says Francis Tan, CEO of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd.

“As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, Suria KLCC welcomes all to join us in celebrating the start of  an auspicious year filled with luck and success.”

Alamanda Shopping Centre

Alamanda Shopping Centre also transforms into captivating old Shanghai from January 19 to February  12, 2024, celebrating the Lunar New Year. The centre court features an Instagram-worthy space,  featuring a vintage cinema, a decorated tailor shop showcasing Cheongsam artistry, and a restaurant  with traditional reunion dinner dishes.

During the weekends, visitors get to enjoy acrobatic Lion Dance performances, Dragon Dances, and  cultural shows, as well as receive mandarin oranges.

Shopping is set to be a rewarding affair at Alamanda Putrajaya as those who spend RM600 and above  in two receipts at any specialty store will be rewarded with an RM30 Alamanda Shopping Voucher. As  a gesture to high-spending patrons, those spending RM1,500 and above in two receipts at any  specialty store will be entitled to a substantial RM80 Alamanda Shopping Voucher.

Meanwhile, VIKids can get hands-on in crafting paper dragons, and colouring Chinese New Year  artworks, making Alamanda Putrajaya the perfect family destination to enjoy a joyous celebration.

Mesra Mall

Mesra Mall Kemaman invites the community to celebrate Chinese New Year from January 12 to  February 15, 2024, also featuring enchanting old Shanghai decorations.

Highlights during the campaign include traditional Lion Dance performances on February 3, where  performers distribute mandarin oranges to shoppers for good luck. Families can also join the Paper  Dragon Puppet Workshop on February 9 and 10.

The Shoppers Rewards Programme offers an exquisite teapot adorned with a charming floral design  to 500 shoppers spending RM350 and above in two receipts at any specialty store.

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