Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

The Everly Putrajaya is pleased to extend a heartfelt invitation to join us in embracing the spirit of Ramadan at Festa Ria Ramadan 2024. This sacred month provides a wonderful opportunity to gather with loved ones and embark on a culinary journey featuring a thoughtfully curated selection of Malaysian culinary treasures and international favorites, all prepared with passion to delight your senses.

Fiesta Ria Ramadan 2024 promises an unforgettable Iftar experience, characterized as A Symphony  Experience of Ramadan Cuisine & the Rhythm of 2 Live Bands.” Immerse yourself in the culinary craftsmanship of our chefs as they bring a symphony of flavors for you to savor. Delight in an array of tastes and textures from enticing starters to the temptation of ‘Kambing Golek’ all complemented by the ambient setting of the restaurant and the captivating performances of two live bands.

In this year’s culinary masterpiece, our accomplished team of chefs has passionately dedicated their expertise to present a diverse array of over six main course menus. Aligned with our everyday special cuisine, revel in dishes such as Daging Salai Masak Lomak, Kari Kepala Ikan, and Rendang Ayam  Minang. Elevate your dining experience with the exclusivity of our live stalls, featuring ShelloutKambing Golek Panas, Sup Campor, Satay Bakar, Bubur Lambok, and Murtabak Warisan.

Seize the opportunity to partake in our exclusive offer available now for March 14 to April 7, 2024. The regular walk-in buffet price is RM138 for adult and RM69 for Kid (6 – 12 y/o) & Senior Citizen. Avail yourself of our promotional rates as outlined below:

Early Savors: RM 98.00 (14th-21st March, 2024),

Mid-Special: RM 118.00 (22nd-28th March, 2024), and

Final Deal: RM138.00 (29th March-7th April, 2024).

For reservations and media inquiries, please contact Muhammad Syazwan, Marketing Executive [Email: [email protected]/Whatsapps: +60136615013]. We look forward to creating cherished moments with you during this special Ramadan season.

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