Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Vivo Malaysia eagerly anticipates the upcoming launch of their latest device, the Y78 5G, within Malaysia. Poised to revolutionize the capabilities and attributes of fashionable smartphones priced under RM1500, this model presents an unparalleled blend of OIS stabilisation and a 6.78-inch dual 3D curved screen boasting a 120Hz AMOLED Display.

Anti-Shaking Technology: 64MP OIS Elevates Photo And Video Experience

The standout feature of the vivo Y78 5G is its exclusive 64 MP OIS Anti Shake camera, which guarantees incredibly sharp and blur-free content, even in shaky hands and low-light conditions.

Moreover, given the increasing popularity of TikTok video shooting among Malaysians, the vivo Y78 5G’s OIS technology enables more effective video capture, particularly when recording vlog scenes involving sports activities.

Distinctive Design: Experience the Allure of Dual Curved Screen And Dreamy Gold

Featuring a dual curved display which is a rare design in the industry, it does not only offer fall-resistance, but minimises colour distortion at the edges of the curved screen. Ingeniously imitates the amazing beauty of a sunset, this dreamy gold colour gets brighter when the light strikes on it.

Vivo’s recent designs beautifully capture the essence of Malaysia’s diverse and captivating landmarks, such as the breath taking tourist spot Gold Coast in Sepang, as well as other gems like Semporna Sabah.

While the exact price of the vivo Y78 5G is yet to be disclosed, it is expected to be remarkably impressive, making it a smartphone worth waiting for. For those planning to purchase a new smartphone, the Y78 5G should definitely be on your radar. The official launch date for the Y78 Series will be announced soon. For more information, stay tuned to vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook Page and Website –

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