Kat Roshan Unveils A Softer Side Through “Cinta Putih”

Malaysian rising star Kat Roshan returns with another musical offering for her fans after marking a personal milestone last year by collaborating with Korean star Su Jin through her single ‘Going Crazy Wild’.

This time, Kat Roshan unleashes a beautiful ballad called ‘Cinta Putih’ which was written by the renowned Indonesian composer and producer, Chossy Pratama. “I worked with him for the very first time at the age of 13. He graciously rearranged the song, “Rasa” for me which became my first release in 2019. The song and its lyrics moved many emotions in me just like this new song, ‘Cinta Putih’,” chimed Kat Roshan.

Cinta Putih’ which directly translates to ‘white love’ basically implies ‘pure and innocent love’.

“However, Pak Chossy said I was free to interpret the ballad according to how I feel, and the emotions will show when I sing it. When I first recorded the demo, I was moved to tears with the melody and lyrics. I felt blessed that there was so much love surrounding me and I realised how much love there was inside of me,” she explained.

According to Kat Roshan, Pak Chossy had basically taken her style of writing and incorporated it into “Cinta Putih”. “Initially, he told me that he had no lyrics nor a concept to write about. However, he said that he could relate to one of my previous English releases, “Oasis”, which he had produced as well. In the Oasis music video, I was in a colourful outfit and that inspired him to write a song about the opposite and pure white (‘putih’ in Malay/Indonesian) was what came out!

“I am very thankful to Pak Chossy for making the arduous journey from Dili in East Timor, then transiting in Jakarta and finally arriving in KL to direct me during the recording of “Cinta Putih” and another song, “I Believe” which I hope to release in the next half of the year,” Kat Roshan added.

Pak Chossy who turns 73 this year also brought his talented daughter, Aubrey who wrote the string quartet for this song.

“My mentor, Mr. Ong Peng Chu, who is one of Pak Chossy’s oldest friends in the music industry was also present to lend his support. We recorded the song at Starmount Studios, under the production of Mr. Alex Lee whose studio was where I had recorded ‘Rasa’ and multiple other songs. The Lyric Music Video was produced by Nor Mikhail, who is also one of the talents in my past video, ‘One Day From Today’. Mikhail was comprehensive in his feel of the song and the direction of the final product that you see,” said Kat Roshan.

Kat Roshan hopes that her listeners will be moved by the powerful emotions of love in this song and can channel this positivity in their daily lives. This is also her second Malay song, and she hopes that her listeners will enjoy it.

Cinta Putih is set for release on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, KKBOX, Deezer and Youtube Music on the 16 April 2024, with the music video on Universal Music Malaysia official YouTube channel.

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