Check out the Samsung Galaxy: An Unforgettable Customer Experience

Visit a Samsung Experience Store (SES) near you right now if you’ve always wanted to learn more about Samsung’s Galaxy line of gadgets! Get ready for an incredible experience at all 63 stores across the country, where you can unlock a world of possibilities with the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series and other amazing Samsung Galaxy products.

Our Galaxy products and innovations showcase the cutting-edge advancements in mobile technologies, including on-device Artificial Intelligence. These groundbreaking features will completely transform the way individuals engage with the world.

Get Your Hands on the Latest Samsung Galaxy Devices

Attendees at SES will have the opportunity to explore Samsung’s newest Galaxy lineup, which includes the cutting-edge Galaxy S24 series. Discover the power of Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem, where your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, Watch, Buds, and Tablets seamlessly come together to enhance your daily experience.

Personalise Your Samsung Galaxy Devices to Match Your Style

Indulge in a diverse range of options to personalise your Galaxy experience and make it truly one-of-a-kind. Explore the Bespoke Wall and discover a wide selection of phone cases tailored to your unique preferences. There are various options for personalisation accessories, such as watchstraps, that you can choose from.

Optimise Your Own Samsung Galaxy Devices

Current Samsung Galaxy users have the option to visit the Samsung Experience Store for device adjustments. For instance, you can have your Smartwatch recalibrated to ensure accurate health readings and reports.

Furthermore, Samsung is providing services and incentives to facilitate the transition to the newest Galaxy devices. For customers interested in upgrading their devices to the Galaxy S series, Samsung has a special offer. By trading in their old device, customers can receive an instant upgrade and get great value for their current devices. This value can be immediately applied towards their new Galaxy device. Thanks to Smart Switch, customers can effortlessly transfer various types of data from their old device to their new Galaxy device. In addition, Samsung Care+ provides an enhanced experience that goes beyond the typical product warranty by offering comprehensive coverage for any accidental damage or malfunction for a duration of two years.

In addition, Samsung is offering hands-on experiences through their Samsung Live Space programme at selected SES locations. Discover a world of possibilities with our in-store Masterclasses and Workshops. Unleash your creativity as you learn the art of self-portrait photography, create a digital journal that reflects your unique style, or effortlessly plan your next travel adventure. Join us and unlock your potential.

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