Create A Fun-Filled School Holiday with Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition

Through the school holidays just around the corner, parents are often faced with the task of finding ways to keep their children occupied while managing their own work and daily responsibilities. Ensuring that children stay entertained, engaged, and safe while using the internet can be quite challenging. However, the Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition provides an ideal solution for this.

Encourage your children to keep expanding their knowledge during the school holidays by exploring the engaging and educational content offered on Samsung Kids. This platform offers a wide range of captivating activities that are specifically designed to enhance various skills. Encourage your children to embark on an exciting adventure with Crocro, explore their musical creativity with Lisa’s Music Band, or unleash their artistic talents with Bobby’s Canvas. These engaging activities guarantee that education continues even outside of the classroom.

Ensuring safety is of the highest priority when it comes to the Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition. Parents can feel reassured that their children will only engage with carefully selected, content suitable for their age in a secure digital environment provided by the Parental Control feature. It’s important to establish time limits to prevent kids from spending their entire break glued to screens. Encouraging a healthy balance, you can suggest other fun activities such as going to the park, playing puzzles, exercising, or organizing play dates with friends or cousins.

As parents navigate the school holidays, the Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition becomes an invaluable companion, helping to manage the balance between work, daily obligations, and ensuring children are entertained in a safe environment. For a limited time until 30 June 2024, this tablet is available for RM799, including a complimentary Crayon Stylus, Kids Puffy Case, 15W Travel Adapter, and Kids Sticker—a total worth of RM300. Alternatively, the standalone Galaxy Tab A9 LTE is available for just RM699, offering flexibility to suit different needs and preferences.

To purchase the Galaxy Tab A9 Kids Edition or standalone Galaxy Tab A9 LTE, please visit:

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