Expanded Galaxy AI Comes to More Galaxy Devices with One UI 6.1

Calling Samsung fans – the long-awaited Galaxy AI features are now available in Malaysia with the latest One UI 6.1 update to even more Galaxy S Series, Galaxy Z Series and Galaxy Tab S Series devices.

If you own any of the following devices,  you can look forward to elevated mobile experiences with Galaxy AI starting from as early as end March, and harness the unlimited opportunities of on-device and cloud-based AI, all from your Galaxy device:

  • Galaxy S23 series
  • Galaxy S22 series
  • Galaxy S23 FE
  • Galaxy Z Flip5
  • Galaxy Z Fold5
  • Galaxy Z Flip4
  • Galaxy Z Fold4
  • Galaxy Tab S9 (5G and Wi-Fi) series
  • Galaxy Tab S8 (5G and Wi-Fi) series

Q: How do I check if Galaxy AI has been installed on my device?


Look out for the above software update notification

To get the Galaxy AI features, make sure your Galaxy device’s software is updated to the latest version. You may receive a pop-up on your phone prompting you to download and install the update or you can update your mobile device’s software manually to One UI 6.1, following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Software update.
  2. Tap on Download and install.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Q: Which Galaxy AI features will be made available?

The below features will be progressively rolled out on the above mentioned devices, unless otherwise specified.

Enabling smarter, more effective communication

Chat Assist can help perfect conversational tones by generating context-aware suggestions to ensure communication sounds as it was intended, whether it’s a polite message to a coworker or a short catchy phrase for a social media caption.  



Live Translate produces two-way, real-time voice and text translations of phone calls, making it easier than ever to book reservations while traveling abroad or chat with foreign friends in their native language.


* Not available on the Tab S9 (Wi-Fi) and Tab S8 (Wi-Fi) series





Get things done more efficiently, so you have more time for the things you love

Search functions are improved through Circle to Search with Google, which generates intuitive search results with a swift circle-motioned gesture.  


Note Assist can create AI-generated summaries, streamlines notes with pre-made formats and cover pages, elevating your day-to-day productivity.  


Transcript Assist uses AI and Speech-to-Text technology to transcribe, summarize and even translate voice recordings.  


Browsing Assist helps you stay up to speed on what’s happening in the world while saving time by generating concise summaries of news articles or web pages. 1. Switch on Summarize feature:
Open the Samsung Internet app à Tools icon (three horizontal lines) à Settings à Select “Browsing assist” à Summarize à On switch 2. Try it out:Open the Samsung Internet app à Go to any webpage à Click on the Browsing assist icon à Select “Summarize” to summarize text into bullet points


Unlock your creative potential with AI

1. Photo Assist Generative Edit

gives you greater creative freedom to resize, position and align objects even after the photo is taken.

Edit Suggestion gives you your own personal photo editor that uses AI to suggest perfectly suitable tweaks for each photo.



2. Instant Slow-mo can generate additional frames based on movements to slow down action-packed moments.  With AI-generated images between frames, all it takes is a simple touch and hold to control when to start and stop the Slow-mo effect, even on downloads.


* Not available on the Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy S22 Series, Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Tab S8 Series (5G and Wi-Fi)


Q: How can you leverage Galaxy AI on big screens?


Maximize your productivity and creativity with the bigger screens of the Galaxy Tab S9 series or Galaxy Z Fold5, with Galaxy AI. Zoom in and perfect the minor details of your photos with Generative Edit, streamline your everyday journals or meeting notes with Note Assist on Samsung Notes, and hold seamless in-person conversations that transcend beyond language barriers with Interpreter.

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To learn more about Galaxy AI, visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/galaxy-ai

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