Reliability and Resilience: Ministry of Health and SDCL Focus on Energy for Critical Care Services

SDCL, the world’s leading specialist investor in energy efficiency, has partnered with Malaysia’s Ministry of Health, MGTC, and MyHijau companies during the groundbreaking Malaysia First Energy Efficiency Forum. This collaboration aims to initiate projects that bring about noteworthy reductions in carbon emissions and considerable cost savings.

Hospitals are one the largest and most consistent energy users with the crucial role they play. SDCL brings deep sector experience in demonstrating how energy efficiency can deliver cheaper, cleaner and more reliable infrastructure solutions to a key infrastructure sector. Malaysia hospitals need reliable and cost-effective energy services throughout the year, ranging from electricity and heat, to hot water and cooling. Hospitals also demand reliable and resilient energy solutions and backup systems. Energy demand reduction initiatives involving lighting and temperature control may also improve patient care.

Through the IGEM engagement, MoH, MGTC and SDCL are setting a pathway to accelerate identifying fit-for-purpose solutions in Malaysia that require no up-front capital outlay for the user and result in lower operating costs. Through focusing on energy efficiency, hospitals can deliver cleaner, more resilient energy solutions that reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.

SDCL CEO Jonathan Maxwell states “Our investments in energy efficiency demonstrate that energy efficiency is not only one of the largest but the most cost-effective means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as it improves resilience and energy security while also reducing costs and improving productivity. It is infact a major source of green growth”.

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