The 7th MIFFest, Emboldened by “Uncaged” Theme and Ambassador Bront Palarae Sets the Stage from July 21-28 with a Dazzling Array of Partnerships

The 7th Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) is delighted to announce its return, promising an unparalleled celebration of cinema from 21-28 July 2024. This year, the festival, under the evocative theme “Uncaged” and featured by the charismatic Bront Palarae as ambassador, will captivate audiences with its most ambitious lineup yet, unfolding at the new proud venue partner, The Exchange TRX.

A New Era of Storytelling

This year’s theme, “Uncaged,” signifies a departure from conventional boundaries, championing innovative storytelling and the exploration of uncharted cinematic territories. The festival is dedicated to showcasing films that embody this spirit of creative freedom, offering a platform for voices that demand to be heard and stories that resonate with authenticity and courage.

The President and Founder of MIFFest, Ms. Joanne Goh, reflected on the festival’s journey and its profound impact: “MIFFest is in its 7th year, an achievement that is both humbling and compelling. I have always viewed MIFFest as a commitment, a commitment to fostering a better community, nurturing a healthier filmmaking landscape, and cultivating a more vibrant, organic art scene.”

Through her words, Ms. Goh encapsulates the essence of MIFFest’s aspirations and its dedication to enriching the cultural tapestry of Malaysia and beyond, setting the stage for a festival that celebrates not just film, but the broader landscape of art and creativity.

Celebrated Ambassador Bront Palarae

Renowned for his multifaceted talent as an actor, producer, and director, Bront Palarae once again graces MIFFest as its ambassador, embodying the festival’s “Uncaged” spirit with his distinguished charm and profound dedication to cinema.

Palarae eloquently captures the essence of MIFFest, stating, “The festival’s like a reunion, an annual get-together, where we all come back here, every July, to celebrate the awesome friendships we’ve made.”

Landmark Strategic Partnership with FINAS

The announcement of MIFFest’s strategic partnership with the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) marks a significant milestone, enhancing the festival’s influence and showcasing the richness of the Malaysian film industry.

FINAS, as a Strategic Partner, contributes to a more dynamic local film landscape, highlights the festival’s importance in promoting film both nationally and internationally.

Dato’ Azmir Saifuddin, CEO of FINAS, expressed his excitement about this collaboration, emphasizing a shared goal to foster talent and global appreciation for Malaysian cinema: “We are thrilled to join forces with MIFFest for this year’s edition. This partnership embodies our shared vision of nurturing talent and showcasing the vibrancy of Malaysian cinema to the world. I am very happy and looking forward to it.”

Hap Seng Star and Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Drive MIFFest Forward

Hap Seng Star and Mercedes-Benz Malaysia rev up the excitement as The Official Automobile Partner of the 7th MIFFest, aligning with brands that share a vision for quality and sophistication while also aligning with the festival’s forward-thinking ethos, showcasing the electric Mercedes-EQ series and signaling a move towards sustainable luxury and advanced technology within the cinematic realm.

Welcoming Zizan Razak to the Advisory Board

The festival is thrilled to welcome Mr. Zizan Razak to its Advisory Board. A familiar face from last year’s jury and a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry, Razak’s new role is a testament to his dedication and passion for cinema. His involvement in the 6th MIFFest as a jury member brought invaluable insight, and his continued presence on the Advisory Board is eagerly anticipated to shape the festival’s visionary path.

Sponsors and Partners Take a Bow

Building on the momentum of the 7th MIFFest, the festival proudly showcases its dynamic tapestry of sponsors and partners, each contributing significantly to the event’s success and global appeal. At the heart of hospitality, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur continues to join MIFFest as the Official Hotel. The festival’s commitment to international dialogue is supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO), acting as a Supporting Partner to foster cross-cultural exchanges. GSC International Screens is designated as the Official Cinema, providing a distinguished platform for film presentations. Amplifying MIFFest’s reach, TikTok Live steps in as the Official Streaming Partner, delivering the festival’s captivating content to a worldwide audience, while Kerastase, the Official Hair Care partner, ensures that glamour and style grace the event. Strengthening international festival bonds, the 3rd consecutive year of collaboration with the Udine Far East Film Festival as a Festival Partner exemplifies the unity and shared vision within the global film community. These esteemed partnerships not only enhance the MIFFest experience but also underline the festival’s dedication to celebrating cinema’s unifying power and creative spirit.

An Invitation to Explore

MIFFest extends a heartfelt invitation to film enthusiasts, industry professionals, festivalgoers, and the global film community to join them in Kuala Lumpur for this extraordinary celebration. With a programme brimming with international premieres, insightful discussions, and vibrant networking events, the festival promises to be a landmark event in the 2024 cultural calendar.

The 7th MIFFest, set for 21-28 July 2024, will unfold at The Exchange TRX and GSC Cinemas.

For more details on MIFFest, including updates and announcements, visit the official website at or follow their social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.


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