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A versatile artist, face of various luxury fashion brands, an amazing singer who recently had a successful collaboration with South Korean singer YOUHA through the hit single ‘onemorenight’, multi-talented Malaysian singer and actor, ALVN returns to create more ripples in the industry with the release of another masterpiece called ‘over again’.

“The song ‘over again’ delves into the regret that follows impulsive actions, causing pain for both involved in the relationship. As time passes, the realization sets in that the damage is irreversible. Despite this, the irresistible allure of the thrill compels a repetitivecycle, eventually leading to a point where one loses their sense of self,” explains ALVN about the track.

Arranged and produced by Seatravel, the song is cleverly composed by a squad of talented professionals namely Lew Jia Hao, Chaw Liang Xin, Jayson Teoh Xiong Phen, and Chai Shing Di, who also penned the lyrics.

As the song brings forth a different kind of feel, ALVN admits that he has always been interested in trying out new music genres. “Slow Rock is a new genre that I have been wanting to try. The song ‘over again’ has a wide range of notes, starting off with super low baritones on the verses and eventually builds up to the chorus. I believe Over Again
should be fun when performed with a live band,” said ALVN.

After years of experience working with many talented individuals on various artistic projects, ALVN was excited to share that the music video for this track was shot overseas. The single’s music video also sees the participation of international luxury brand Longines.

As friend of Longines for about two years now, ALVN was invited to visit the Longines Heritage Museum in Switzerland, and was given an opportunity to shoot his to film the music video all the way in Switzerland. The music video displayed beautiful and spectacular sceneries. ALVN was told he was also one of the first ever Malaysian
celebrities and one of the first in the world to be given the opportunity to film in the Longines Heritage Museum.

However, the recording process of the single also came with its fair share of challenges. ALVN explained that the original demo of the song was two keys higher, hence, he had to drop it down as it was not within ALVN’s vocal range. Despite this challenge, ALVN is pleased with the outcome of ‘over again’ and hopes that this song will be loved and adored by his listeners.

When it comes to ALVN’s goals in writing and singing, it is always to inspire people to share their stories and do what they love the most, instead of doing what people tell you to do. ALVN expresses that he is glad Longines believed in what he loves and has been supporting him for the last two years in his musical career.

To elaborate more on this track, it is also a sneak peek to his up-coming full album which is set for release soon. ALVN states that they are still working on the concept, but he hints that there are at least three more upcoming songs that he is still working on before coming out with a concrete concept for the album. ALVN ends on a good note by stating, one thing he knows for sure is that the label is planning a tour for him next year, so stay tuned.

‘over again’ was recently released on all digital platforms starting Friday December 8th 2023. ‘over again’ music video can also be viewed on YouTube since the release on the same day.


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