Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (Bank Islam) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Persatuan Syarikat Pengendalian Pelancongan Bumiputera Malaysia (BUMITRA) to provide financial solutions for prospective hajj pilgrims who intend to subscribe to hajj packages through 22 Pengelola Jemaah Haji (PJH) companies appointed by Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH), which are also members of BUMITRA.

The MoU also aims to affect a partnership and knowledge-sharing session educating BUMITRA members on financing solutions Bank Islam provides, especially for Hajj and  Umrah. The collaboration area includes disseminating information regarding the facilities  and services offered.

Among the services include Debit Card-i Bank Islam Visa Tabung Haji. The debit card has  various unique features and exclusive rewards for cardholders. Besides offering a vast  payment network and cash access worldwide, the card facilitates financial transactions  for hajj pilgrims in Arab Saudi, including waiving the charges for cash withdrawals during  hajj season.

At the event, Bank Islam also launched a campaign, ‘Once in a Lifetime’, especially for  potential Hajj or next of kin who want to help parents to perform Hajj by applying for this  personal financing with a minimum amount of RM50,000. The campaign runs from 24  March to 31 May 2023 and offers a chance to win Umrah package prizes.

The personal financing package provides an opportunity for prospective Hajj pilgrims  who can repay the financing in a structured manner according to their respective  financial capabilities.

Mohd Muazzam said, “Since the cost of the Hajj package is increasing due to external  factors, the personal financing offered is timely to enable more Muslims who can fulfil the  5th pillar of Islam.”

“Meanwhile, Bank Islam’s role is not only limited to a financial solution hub for pilgrims but  will be expanded comprehensively to more than 600 tourism companies registered under  BUMITRA and their customers,” Mohd Muazzam adds.

Apart from Personal Financing products and Bank Islam Tabung Haji Visa Debit Card-i,  Bank Islam, as a hub of financial solutions for pilgrims, also offers other products such as  the Al-Awfar investment account, credit card-i, takaful protection products, will-writing,  online and mobile banking facilities and foreign currency exchange at Bank Islam’s  ‘Bureau de Change’ counter. With the existence of these benefits, it is in line with Bank  Islam’s aspiration, which is ‘Urusan Dipermudah, Lebih Tenang Beribadah’.

The MoU was signed by Mizan Masram, Group Chief Business Officer – Retail, Bank Islam  Group and BUMITRA and AB Rahman Mohd Ali, BUMITRA’s Honorary Secretary General.  Mohd Muazzam Mohamed, Bank Islam Group Chief Executive Officer; Harun KC Ahmmu,  President of BUMITRA and Mohamed Ameen S.M.A Abdul Wahab, Executive Director  Operations, TH Group Operations Division, witnessed the signing.

Customers who want more product information can visit the nearest Bank Islam branch.

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