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To mark the launch of the vivo V29 5G, vivo Malaysia introduced the ’99 Nights in Portraits 2.0′ photography competition on October 9, 2023, running through to November 13, 2023. The objective is to showcase the remarkable Aura Light 2.0 feature of the vivo V29 5G. While the grand finale is around the corner, there’s still a chance for Malaysians to snag prizes valued at up to RM3000 which includes the latest vivo V29 5G.

Each week, participants will have the exciting opportunity to select themes that align with their preferences, particularly those that cater to low-light settings. To provide further clarity, from November 1 to November 7, 2023, the theme for the competition will be “Night Fun,” featuring collaborations with Hun Haqeem and Intan Najuwa. Then, from November 8, 2023, to November 13, 2023, the theme will shift to “Night Camping,” with Syed Syafiq leading the way. This way, participants can engage with themes that resonate with their photography interests.

Capture the essence of the nighttime fun and infuse the camping adventures with these simple methods:

  1. Capture and share captivating photos that align with the weekly theme on public social media profiles.
  2. Incorporate the hashtags #vivoV295G #AuraPortraitNowSmart #vivoV295G99NightsInPortrait within the posts.
  3. Mention @vivo_Malaysia and tag two friends, encouraging them to join the ’99 Nights in Portrait 2.0′ photo contest hosted by vivo Malaysia.

Embrace the thrill of Malaysian nights, where the fun never ends and elevate the enjoyment by participating in the photo contest.

For more information and updates, stay tuned to the official vivo Malaysia Facebook page.

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