Sat. May 25th, 2024

Shiraz Projects is excited to work with The Instant Café Theatre Group on “Instant Cafe Night Live! Edisi X”. We anticipate that this ONE NIGHT ONLY concert at the prestigious Plenary Hall would appeal to audiences in Malaysia and throughout in the region, after the resounding success of Instant Cafe’s “The May 9 Show” in 2019.

“Instant Cafe Night Live! Edisi X”, this ediAon will be presented at the Plenary Hall Kuala  Lumpur ConvenAon Centre on 18th March 2023, 8.30 pm and Ackets will go on sale on 10th  February 2023 at The Acket prices are RM588 (Meet & Greet), RM388  (Diamond) , RM288 (PlaAnum) and RM188 (Silver).

Watch Jo Kukathas as her iconic characters YBeeee, the MP of Ulu Katak and the Deputy  Minister of Kickbacks and Comebacks in the new kickass coaliAon government; and Curry  Spice the bold, beauAful, badass from Sentul, star of the Neclix show, “Keeping Up With The  Coomarasamys” and her upcoming biopic “Ini Kari Lah”.

Hosted by Malaysia’s West End singing sensaAon, the inimitable Sean Ghazi and the cutest  standup comedian this side of the Straits, Kuah Jenhan. Two guests, two hosts, twice the  fun! Catch them as they talk about everything from AI, flood, famine, quinoa, kelp, help,  unity, new hopes, old dreams, Malaysia for Malaysians, everything, everywhere, anyhow,  donno wai. And whether ChatGPT wrote this show. Who knows. Maybe.

Also joining the line-up is guest performer, musical sweetheart Tria Azia. “Instant Cafe Night  Live! Edisi X” was created by Jo Kukathas and Zalfian Fuzi with Kam Raslan and Na’a Murad.

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