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Where there is a will, there is a way is a well-known English proverb that best captures Kayda Aziz’s unwavering spirit. After a year-long break, the diminutive yet feisty rapper-songwriter is back with a brand new single called “LEN MACAM,” which she co-wrote and composed with music producer DJ Ziqq.

“This song feels like a rebirth of myself after not producing any songs for more than a year,” explained the singer whose real name Wan Nur Khaleda Aziz, 31.

The Mamee Chef Mi Goreng Rendang star spends most of her time recording and producing new materials in addition to spending time with family by traveling abroad.

Kayda added, “I took time for myself by reflecting on my life and career because I’ve been through a lot in my personal and professional life, but now I’m back stronger, wiser and better than before.

“This song bears witness to my transformation as a person and an upgraded version of myself. I often hear friends and family uttering the word LEN MACAM while conversing, so I thought it would be a good idea to turn it into a song with the hook LEN MACAM, and taking inspiration from Rosalía’s music.

This hip-hop number consists of pop, RNB and reggae elements that add flavor to the easy-listening and sing-along composition, and it took Kayda 4 hours to record it in two versions, Malay and English.

“In addition to the song recording process, the filming for the MV (music video) lasted for more than 20 hours which featured various eye-catching visuals with seven outfit changes by local fashion designers, Gillian Hung, Afiq M and milliner, Bremen Wong.

“Fashion and music have always coincided with my brand as ‘Kayda’, I wanted the theme to be colorful and bright to represent celebration and strength, and everything was made possible by the Black Visuals Production team,” added Kayda.

As an artist, Kayda considers herself as a multi-genre artist, even though she began her career in the hip-hop music scene, most of the songs she produced in the past have been a mixture of pop, RNB and dance.

“Throughout my existence in the music industry, I’ve been through a lot, and among the challenges I often face is when people like to compare, we (artists) are constantly encouraged to compete against each other which is unhealthy, and female rappers too face the challenge whereby we’re not just being compared with other female rappers, but also with other male rappers, female artists and influencers.

“As women, we’re constantly being challenged with gender roles – women have to be pretty, smart, independent, talented, skilfull, yet submissive to men. This creates a lot of pressure for us.

“Nevertheless, I believe in myself and will always try to improve while learning to be mature in any situation, and I consider LEN MACAM as my own metamorphosis to the new Kayda. Hopefully that my new song will not just appeal to hip-hop listeners, but also everyone else who just loves music.

LEN MACAM is available for download on iTunes and as a caller ringtone from all major telecommunication service providers, and could easily be streamed and enjoyed 24/7 through various music-streaming portals such as Joox, KKBox, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and also YouTube Music.

The MV is available for viewing exclusively on the official Kayda YouTube channel.

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