Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

The plot of “Cinta TickTock,” the latest song by Syazluna, revolves on two strangers who meet, converse, and ultimately fall in love over social media. People will be drawn in, especially the younger generation, by captivating and powerful music combined with poignant poetry.

Starting as a hobby of posting her singing videos as content on TikTok, this young female TikToker with over 64 thousand followers and 1.4Million likes on the platform began her new 2024 and her career in music by releasing her first-ever single titled “Cinta TickTock” that will be releasing and available to all streaming platforms on 9th February 2024.

Syazluna is a singer who is new to the singing industry. Syazluna started singing on stage at the age of 12, she continued her interest in singing by showcasing her talent on social media such as Instagram and TikTok which received a good response from ‘netizens’. This Selangor- born talent was born to hearing and speech-impaired parents, however, that was not an obstacle for her that made her not continue his talent in singing. Syazluna also stated that the famous Malaysian singer Ernie Zakri was the strongest influence in the course of her career as a singer.

Syazluna once expanded her talent to a more commercial level through an ASTRO TV program called “All Together Now” Season Two. Although she is interested in the ‘ballad” genre, Syazluna took a new step to try another genre from her interests by risking ‘Cinta TickTock’ as her first single with ‘Pop’ concept that suits the tastes of today’s youth. ‘Cinta TickTock’ by composer Mimpi and the lyrics written by Mimpi & Syko G has a very ‘fresh’ melody and lyrics that are very easy to understand and suitable for today’s teenagers.

As one of the new artists under the MAPMUSIC label, Syazluna is very pleased to say a thousand thanks to everyone involved in the making of the single ‘Cinta TickTock’, especially the production side. ‘Cinta Ticktock’ will be available to be heard through Digital Streaming Platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Joox, and many more.

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