OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 Finals to Accelerate Development of Pantanal Ecosystem

OPPO announces its OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 finals which took place on December 11th in Kuala Lumpur. There were 10 teams from all over the world competing for the Top 3 positions, with a total of 35,000 USD in prizes up for grabs. The outstanding teams also had the chance to consult with OPPO tech teams and industry leaders to receive support on the commercialization and promotion of their innovative creations.

This year’s contest focuses on three key areas: entertainment, transportation, and daily life and has attracted over 200 teams from 50+ countries and regions to join since the launch in July. The final 10 teams bring projects covering a variety of scenarios, including navigation, payment, learning, health and others, showing the testament to Pantanal’s diverse range of applications and the space for innovation as it represents.

Starting from this year’s contest, OPPO has made Pantanal ecosystem’s capabilities and the developer suite available to the public. This includes the adaptation of Aqua Dynamics, firstly introduced in ColorOS 14. Moreover, OPPO has provided more open capabilities to developers such as support for 4 device categories (phones, tablets, headphones, and automobile head units), support for 11 industry verticals, comprehensive widget coverage, and consistent visuals across different scenarios, helping developers quickly adapt their creations to different devices and interaction methods.

OPPO maintains that the success of the Pantanal ecosystem depends on its global community of developers. OPPO ColorOSHack hopes to become the major event for fans of tech innovation, with tech experts coming together to share ideas and discuss cutting-edge technologies, providing a fresh dose of vigor for the OPPO’s Pantanal ecosystem.

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