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One of Southeast Asia’s most unusual and eclectic indie festivals returns – this time with a twist! TAPAUfest 2022 offers a thrilling combination of nature and the arts, with the goal of elevating the festival experience. Music is still and will always be at the forefront, but creator Faris has always maintained that festivals are designed to be places where memories are built. This time, these moments will take root in a magnificent area – Lenggong!

On the 22 and 23 October, TAPAUfest goes beyond what is expected of a music festival by assembling together what is essentially a camping trip at Resort Tasik Raban in Lenggong. This means the best of Southeast Asian independent music surrounded by gorgeous scenery. With the lake and the mountains almost always in view, you can see the magic of the landscape reflected upon the waters.

Founder of TAPAUfest, Ahmad Faris, has a clear vision in mind, “One of the reasons we’re doing it in Lenggong, is because we yearn for a chance to discover Malaysia outside of the cities. People post-pandemic are more adventurous! They want more than just another concert”

With #SerumpunBerpesta as the theme, TAPAUfest Lenggong is curated to the minutest details to be diverse and representative while emphasizing the collective commonalities we share as a region. 12 guaranteed-to-be-memorable acts from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore will be soundtracking your two days there!. Day 1 features .Feast (ID), Margasatwa (MY), Abangsapau (SG), Sweetass (MY), The Pinholes (SG) dan Salammusik (MY). Day 2 continues to serve more exciting performances with  Kungfu Heidi (MY), The DARE (ID), The Filters (MY), Sobs (SG), The Times (MY) dan Hindia (ID).

These performances under ‘PENTAS’ combine the veterans of the alternative scene with fresh up-and-coming acts stretching across a multitude of genres, attitudes and energy. Sunset anthems, night time party energy, all in the name of celebrating nature – you name it, the curation has it! TAPAUfest is also proud to be the Malaysian debut of many Indonesian acts, namely Hindia, The Dare and .Feast! Even Malaysian acts are promising a new twist in their repertoire. Hip hop staple Kungfu Heidi, for example, will be performing with the band Serbuk Cheese, serving a new instrumental sheen to her already fiery discography. The Singaporean acts who will be performing are also no less exciting, from the pop-yeh-yeh nostalgia of The Pinholes, to the kain-pelekat swagger of Abangsapau, to the dreamy indie of Sobs!

The music stage will only begin at 5pm, allowing time for you to explore the myriad of things Lenggong has to offer. It’s a chance to have a chill time while discovering new activities. There’s no need to rush setting up your camp. Soak in the fresh air, walk around the site, and have a great time!

This year’s edition of ‘BENGKEL + LAYAR’, which starts at 10am and ends at 4pm, we’ve collaborated with arts & cultural non-profit, Kakiseni! Don’t miss out on the chance to catch screenings by indie filmmakers and learn new skills and knowledge from workshops and talks – use this opportunity to “tapau some knowledge” on top of having a good time.

One principle TAPAUfest adheres to is in elevating the local economy. Whether it’s in the display of craftsmanship or the accessibility of a marketplace called ‘WARUNG’, TAPAUfest creates a space for local flavours, ensuring a rejuvenating time while you shop around for merch, records and artworks from your favorite artist and more, as TAPAUfest also collaborates with Kedai Serba Serbi to bring you variety beyond simply music. There will also be a DJ booth to keep things pumping and alive while you shop and hang out!

When purchasing a ticket to a concert, the value of your experience starts when the artists start performing till they leave the stage, but with TAPAUfest, the experience starts the moment you leave your house! The TAPAUfest playlists are curated to introduce you to the massive world of Southeast Asian indie music  to keep you and your friends company on your 3 hour scenic journey to Lenggong from Kuala Lumpur.

A festival should be more than just about music. It’s about the people you meet, and the memories you keep. Lenggong itself is already an exciting site, as a UNESCO Heritage location which houses one of the most complete skeletons of an ancient man in Southeast Asia called the Perak Man (approximately 11,000 years old). Experiencing the beauty and the vibe in a magical place like Lenggong AND good music means people are not just paying for a concert, but an immersive, unforgettable time.

Ahmad Faris also adds, “We truly appreciate Majlis Daerah Lenggong’s continuous effort and active investment in making TAPAUfest happen in their own backyard. TAPAUfest would also not be possible without the support of CENDANA who really showed their faith in the indie community once again. Thank you as well to Waka, Ipoh Social Club, Santuy Travellers, Kadiak, Versussika, PBUY, Outsiders Bike, and Anbot for believing in us to elevate Lenggong and Southeast Asian indie arts, community and culture!”

Pre-Sale tickets are available now with Solo Daily Passes going for RM165 (1 ticket for either Day 1 or Day 2), Solo Weekend Passes going for RM320 (1 ticket for both Day 1 and Day 2) and Geng Weekend Passes going for RM1240 (4 tickets for both Day 1 and Day 2).

For more information head to and TAPAU your tickets now!


Listen to the TAPAUfest 2022 playlist here:

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