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After a long day of being on your feet all the time, at least sleep should never be a problem. When in hospitality, you meet all sorts of people – it is a great place to network. You also happen to come across individuals you would have otherwise not met. You know you work in hospitality abc full form in hotel industry when half your wardrobe is filled with white and black shirts, and more waistcoats than the average human could imagine. No matter where you go, which city, which country, which continent – having a solid level of hospitality skill secures you jobs everywhere in the world.

  1. This restriction determines that during these days, the stay of the guest must be a minimum of X days.
  2. Days to arrival is refers to the number of days left to the day of arrival, or check in.
  3. We will spend some time looking at some of the hospitality industry terms.
  4. This involves analysing previous data to make predictions about the future.
  5. What’s even better, team mates soon become friends in the tightly knit world of hospitality.

Average daily rate is often referred to in its shortened form ADR. Join 20,000+ hoteliers and get weekly property management tips & insights. If you’re keen to get more technical with the way you manage your small business, here are some of the hotel industry terms you’ll need to familiarise yourself with.

Now you know the most common hotel terms!

So, if you’re struggling with new hotel terminology or need some help deciphering hospitality jargon, we’ve put together a useful list of commonly used terms. Alternatively, if you’d like a comprehensive A-Z list of hotel jargon, you can check out our handy glossary. Today, our copy will not be the same usual piece – talking about how to adopt the right hospitality technology solutions, how they help you, and how to serve guests better. We will spend some time looking at some of the hospitality industry terms. However, there are chances that you may get to know some more today.

Hospitality is a great way to acquire that all-important leadership experience every role requires these days. Managing a large team of people can be a challenging, but rewarding experience, and will definitely come in handy at some point. One of the best things about working in hospitality is that it’ll make you a connoisseur of all things alcoholic. Great for when you host a party and want to impress with your cocktail skills, or when you’re on a sophisticated night out, and can wow everyone with your wine knowledge. So an example of a shoulder night is Sunday, which is often lower in demand than Saturday which is a shoulder night. Days to arrival is refers to the number of days left to the day of arrival, or check in.

Booking engine

Average room rate measures the average amount paid per night for a room type. We go through a wide variety of important topics we often see when providing our hotel consulting and revenue management consulting services. Look it up in our Hotel Glossary by Xotels, where we share our insights as a hotel management company. This term is used in the hotel industry to refer to restrictions or requirements put in place around deals and discounts to safeguard the hotel’s profits. So, for example, if you’re offering a discounted price for a room, it should come with the caveat that they book in advance or pay a non-refundable deposit.

Hotel Terms Dictionary: Your Guide to 230+ Industry Acronyms

Dean has made writing and creating content his passion for the entirety of his professional life, which includes more than six years at Little Hotelier. Alternatively, if you’ve recently started a small business, check out our hotel terminology glossary tailored for small accommodation provides. Whether you’re new to the industry or stepping up into a more senior role, we hope that our hotel terms dictionary has been helpful. For an even longer list of terms used in the hotel industry, check out our full A-Z hotel glossary. This practice can also be referred to as fluid pricing and market-driven pricing. So, if you hear any of these terms in the hotel industry — they all mean the exact same thing.

So no matter whether life brings you to Aberdeen or Australia next, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll find a job easily and have no problem funding your life. Definitely better to be behind than standing in front of – unless you’re one of those people who magically gets straight to the front of the queue. A performance measure used to evaluate the success of an organisation or a particular project. Also, be sure to visit our Hotel Blog for more in-depth articles with best practices, expert advice and useful examples to increase your hotel´s performance.

This stands for front of house, which means anything that is customer-facing regarding the hotel. Front of house staff include receptionists, concierge, porters, room service and so on. Front of house areas include common spaces like the reception, lobby, bar, and lifts. This stands for back of house which refers to any staff or operations that have little or no direct contact with hotel guests. Back of house roles in a hotel can include kitchen staff, human resources, accountants, maintenance supervisors and so on.

This refers to the shifting of rates and prices depending on how the market is performing. A common example of this is raising room prices around the holidays. Even if you’ve been in the hotel or hospitality industry for quite some time, there will always be some new technical terms to keep you on your toes. Hotel terminology can be confusing, but it’s important to know the key terms and jargon in order to understand the industry.

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