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Vivo Malaysia’s path has been nothing short of extraordinary, a symphony of record-breaking developments. With a remarkable track record of innovation, vivo Malaysia continuously pushes the envelope, creating new benchmarks and reinventing excellence in all facets of its services and user experiences. That being said, vivo prioritises portrait photography, as seen by the recent introduction of the V29 5G, which is only one example of the V series.

The Journey Begins

It all started in 2015, vivo Malaysia introduced a smart beauty algorithm for accurate skin tone and texture reproduction of photography. By 2019, they unveiled a professional 50mm portrait camera, marking their foray into professional portraiture. Moving on to 2023, the V27 series introduced micron-level beautification effects and the groundbreaking Aura Light for night scene portraits. The V27 featured the industry’s first rear Aura Light, redefining lighting and shadows in portrait photography. vivo then earned the title of “portrait master” and remains committed to excellence in portrait photography as proven in the new launch of V29 5G.

In the realm of captivating photography features, portrait mode emerges as one of the most appealing and captivating functionalities. The journey into perfecting this art form is underpinned with the ‘Ultra-Sensing Portrait System’ that shows the unwavering commitment to deliver the best. Firstly, vivo proves with the intelligent Portrait Analysis that allows comprehensive understanding of the main subjects, ensuring sharp and precise focus. This intelligence is complemented by the AI-Powered Clarity, where image quality scales new heights through AI-enhanced hardware.

As for its V series, the 1x and 2x portrait photography combines features like Aura Light, HD portrait, and beautification effects in its products. This enhances the clarity of the images, even in low-light conditions. Additionally, the enhanced face beautification, powered by AI and professional photographer insights, results in proper, well-defined portraits, even when capturing subjects in backlight. Lastly, the precision Portrait Bokeh technology redefines bokeh effects, ensuring the subject shines gracefully within the surroundings with precision and natural appeal.

More Innovations To Come
vivo’s unwavering dedication to the art of portrait photography is a testament to its commitment in offering users an unparalleled experience and craft the ultimate professional portrait flagship within the prestigious vivo V series. vivo users around the globe will definitely witness more photography innovations being released in the near future.

Stay tuned for more updates on vivo official Facebook page and vivo Malaysia official Website for the latest updates.

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