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Anticipation is building among Malaysian sports fans and film enthusiasts, as the long-awaited documentary series, “SEPULUH,” is set to take center stage, promising an engaging viewing experience.

Produced by Astro Arena in collaboration with Prime Sports International, the six-part series is set to premiere on Astro Arena (Channel 801) every Friday at 9:00 p.m., starting on November 24, 2023.

The documentary, a tribute to the legendary Safee Sali, unfolds the compelling narrative of his remarkable career in Malaysian football. Through a mix of captivating storytelling, exclusive interviews with key figures in Safee’s life, and never-before-seen footage, “SEPULUH” delves into Safee’s unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Safee himself shared his thoughts on the series, stating, “This documentary is more than just my story; it’s proof that with hard work and determination, dreams can come true. I hope it will tell a story that will captivate everyone, not just sports fans.”

As the series navigates through the uncertainties of Safee’s early career to his pinnacle as a football superstar and national icon, viewers will be taken back to the roots of Safee’s childhood, exploring the circumstances of the football scene before his arrival and unveiling the making of the man who secured victory in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup.

Adding to the anticipation, the series is proud to announce RedONE as the presenting sponsor, further elevating the production to new heights.

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Farid Yunus, Chief Executive Officer of redONE Network Sdn Bhd, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “redONE is proud to be the presenting sponsor of ‘SEPULUH.’ Safee Sali’s journey is not just a story of triumph in football; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of Malaysians. We believe in the power of such narratives, and through our support, we aim to contribute to the celebration of excellence and determination. While we market our brand, one of our missions is to always be a telco company that gives back to the community, and that is why RedONE provides affordable and cheapest postpaid plans from as low as RM8 a month.”

Nicholas John, Astro Head of Sports, expressed his excitement about the project, saying, “At Astro Arena, we have been longtime supporters of Safee Sali and have witnessed his journey from the inception of his career. We are genuinely thrilled to have been present during significant milestones in his life. Furthermore, extending beyond the football field, Safee has seized the opportunity to diversify his horizons within the realm of sports broadcasting, serving as a football pundit on Astro Arena.”

The result is poised to become one of Malaysia’s most enthralling sports documentary series, promising a journey that transcends the boundaries of sports fandom. Don’t miss the full episodic documentary, set to air on Astro Arena as follows:

**Every Friday night at 9:00 p.m., only on Astro Arena (Channel 801).

Episode Date Channel
Episode 1 24 November 2023 Astro Arena (Channel 801)
Episode 2 1 December 2023
Episode 3 8 December 2023
Episode 4 15 December 2023
Episode 5 22 December 2023
Episode 6 29 December 2023


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