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YANA used her life circumstances to encourage herself to redefine self-love, which led in the production of her current CD “Escape,” after she spoke candidly about her struggles with negative overthinking. YANA’s quest to attain serenity and balance in challenging circumstances inspired the song.

“This song is about escaping unwanted and negative thoughts where I had to depend on myself to gain self love so I’d be able to fight the devils in my mind which reflects one of the lines in my song that says, “Can u be my escape”, said YANA.

In close collaboration with producer Curley, “Escape” showcases YANA’s wide vocal range as a singer; however behind the scenes, she put on her director’s cap and worked closely with creative production team, Creative Junkies, on the direction of the song’s music video in ensuring the visual encompasses her emotions and vision gracefully.

Key Photo Credits to GamboTV

 “We were going for a more abstract yet editorial approach to represent my internal thoughts to show my audience how restricting it had been for me to move forward in real life. Having worked with a team that understood what I was going for despite having struggles expressing my emotions plus even the difficulty on-set to keep my eyes open underwater while singing, just means so much more to me when it comes to collaborations.” said the artist.

 The key takeaway for the release is YANA providing an outlet for her audience to seek solace or a form of escapism when tough times can be demanding through her art.

“My hope for this song is to be able to connect with my audience through my life’s story. I hope people will never feel alone, weird or uncomfortable throughout their journey.”


The music video for ‘Escape’ will be out on 28TH October 2022 20:00 MYT

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