Calpis Soda, in collaboration with Astro Shaw, proudly launches the official TV commercial for the upcoming blockbuster heist movie, “The Experts”.

Calpis Soda, Malaysia’s #1 carbonated cultured milk drink, presents a refreshing take on tradition with its innovative twist of carbonation on the cultured milk beverage. Bubbling with happiness, this fat-free delight is infused with Actigest, making it refreshingly good for all consumers. Offering a unique alternative to conventional carbonated soft drink, Calpis Soda

tantalises taste buds with its bubbly and milky uniqueness, solidifying its position as the preferred choice for those seeking a refreshing and health-conscious beverage option.

In joining forces with Astro Shaw, Calpis doesn’t just add excitement to the portfolio but also the silver screen; it crafts an immersive brand encounter resonating with the film’s dynamic energy. This partnership signifies Calpis’s strategic move to captivate a broader audience, linking the brand’s essence with the creativity and thrill of movie-going—a journey that mirrors the effervescence and delight found in every sip of Calpis Soda.

A brand rooted in over a century of heritage, seamlessly intertwines its rich history with contemporary innovation. This collaboration transcends mere storytelling between this bubbly brand and “The Experts”, echoing the essence of Calpis’ 100-year legacy. The partnership, featuring top talents, serves as the heart of the collaboration, blending product and plot with cinematic finesse. Taking a leaf out of the movie’s theme, the brand’s TV commercial captivates with thrilling scenes as irresistible as the taste of Calpis Soda—a testament to its refreshing promise. This immersive storytelling not only enhances the partnership but also breathes life into Calpis Soda, infusing it with cinematic flair and celebrating its enduring heritage.

Amy Gan, Vice President of Marketing at Etika, shares the inspiration behind this strategy: “Calpis not only leads the charge in innovation within its beverage portfolio but also pioneers groundbreaking initiatives in other realms. From seamlessly integrating storytelling into the essence of taste through a TV commercial, this collaboration goes beyond a simple partnership; it represents a harmonious blend of creativity, flavour, and film.”

The partnership between Calpis Soda and Astro Shaw in this TV commercial heralds a unique synergy that challenges traditional advertising norms and creates a lasting impression on viewers.

She further explains, “Aligning with Astro Shaw’s ‘The Experts’ allows us to illustrate our story through a medium that touches hearts and sparks imaginations. Our exclusive TV commercial, ‘Fizz Operation,’ featuring The Experts’ own Dato Aaron Aziz and Ray Dapdap, brings to life their thrilling heist mission to reclaim the Calpis Soda beverage. The TV Commercial scripts a saga of taste intertwined with the exhilaration of “The Experts”. At Calpis Soda, we take pride in pioneering this interactive, immersive, and innovative approach, reinforcing our commitment to delivering immersive experiences for our consumers”.

Executive Producer of The Experts and Head of Astro Shaw, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad said, “Astro Shaw is open to collaborating with various parties to improve and strengthen our films. We believe that there are many creative aspects that we can explore through films, by linking the storyline to a commercial version for a product. We also see synergy in bringing two industries together to enhance the promotion of both parties. Through this partnership, we have launched a special advertisement with Calpis Soda. We hope that this collaboration will bring the film to a wider audience and set a new benchmark in producing innovative marketing frameworks.”

With its captivating storyline and dynamic tempo, “The Experts” is poised to premiere on May 23, 2024, reflecting the vibrant energy and zest akin to Calpis Soda, a beloved choice among Malaysians.

Calpis Soda aims to create an immersive experience beyond the screen, inviting audiences into a world filled with Calpis-themed excitement and creativity. To bring the movie’s magic into reality, viewers who watch the TV commercial are in for a delightful surprise! After watching the brand’s commercial, Calpis Soda fans can redeem a complimentary can of Calpis Soda, available via My 7-Eleven app (while stocks last).

Experience the refreshing fusion of tradition and innovation with Calpis Soda today—available at nationwide retailers including 7-Eleven, Shell, MyNews, Petron, Petronas, Caltex, and more!

To watch the trailer or more information about the promotion, please visit the Calpis Soda Facebook and Instagram pages now.

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