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It will be a significant scene for the four winners of the Music Industry Awards’ Best New Artiste, Best Music Video, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year divisions for the 23rd edition (AIM). This is because, for the first time, they will receive the Music Industry Digital Content Fund or DKD from the Malaysian government through the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (K-KOMM) as a form of encouragement and incentive to local music industry practitioners. The DKD money of RM50,000 each for ‘Best New Artiste’ and ‘Song of the Year,’ RM20,000 for ‘Best Music Video,’ and RM200,000 for ‘Album of the Year’ would be awarded to the winners of the selected award categories.

DKD is one of the government’s key projects for assisting and inspiring new industry practitioners to create, market, and distribute high-value creative material to local and worldwide markets. This demonstrates the Government’s sincerity and commitment to promoting the expansion of the creative industries, especially the music business, which has immense potential as one of the primary pillars of economic growth in the digital age.

Rosmin Hashim, Chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) and the AIM23 Organising Committee said, “We have just received this good news from K-KOMM and RIM as the organisers of AIM, is very appreciative and grateful for the support given by the Government to the local music industry players. In line with AIM’s goal to improve the quality of creative content, the initiative through DKD to the four winners of AIM’s main categories will be a catalyst for music industry activists to produce high quality and international standard creative content works”.

For instance, the DKD given to the recipient of the “Best New Artiste” award category might be utilised to create singles of greater quality for the honoree while advancing the artist’s career. A higher-quality music video and new single can be produced thanks to the DKD reward given to the winner of the “Song of the Year” award.

Furthermore, DKD funds are provided to the champions of the ‘Best Music Video’ and ‘Album of the Year’ award categories to stimulate the production of new albums of great quality and potential for the local and worldwide markets.

The recording firm will distribute the DKD allotted for the AIM23 winners to the appropriate winners so that the DKD investment has the greatest possible impact and involves a variety of job opportunity chains in the local music industry ecosystem. For more information about AIM, please visit

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