Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for young consumers, today announces its renewed collaboration with HARMAN’s world class audio and technology brand, JBL. The Infinix team has partnered closely with renowned audio experts at HARMAN  to revolutionise the sound experience in the NOTE 40 series with Sound by JBL. This partnership has led to the integration of redesigned dual speakers, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled audio quality. By leveraging JBL’s expertise in acoustic design, advanced audio processing algorithms, and advanced driver unit technology, the NOTE 40 series with Sound by JBL promises an exceptional auditory experience like never before.

“The positive reception of the collaboration between the Infinix NOTE 30 series and JBL underscores the importance of sound quality in user experience. With the NOTE 40 series, we have focused on optimising speaker structure and components, integrating advanced Sound by JBL technology on top of powerful hardware to ensure users enjoy a more immersive and superior audio experience.” – Weiqi Nie, Product Director at Infinix.

“The JBL brand is committed to providing the most comprehensive sound experience, which aligns perfectly with Infinix’s vision. We continue to deepen our collaboration on the NOTE series, exploring new technologies to deliver better sound quality to consumers worldwide under Sound by JBL.” –  Roumu Hu, Vice President and General Manager, HARMAN Embedded Audio.

Integrated with JBL Audio Brilliance

The dual speakers in the Infinix NOTE 40 series have been professionally tuned by JBL, ensuring a 360° symmetrical sound that is immersive and consistent. This redesign marks a significant enhancement over the previous generation, providing users with a more captivating audio experience. Furthermore, the incorporation of high-resilience silicone diaphragms and optimised cavity sizes has resulted in a remarkable 58% increase in bass performance, delivering deeper and richer bass effects. With a five-magnet sound unit, the Infinix NOTE 40 series sets a new standard for high-fidelity audio, offering Xfans a superior experience across music, videos, and gaming.


The Infinix NOTE 40 Series with Sound by JBL will be globally launched in Malaysia on the 18th of March 2024. Stay tuned for current updates on the Infinix NOTE 40 Series on Infinix Malaysia’s official website, Facebook page, Instagram page and  TikTok channel.


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