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Recently, CNCRD, Malaysia’s newest technology company, joined the market to take on the growing sneaker reselling scene. The curated platform, created as a one-stop shop for buying and selling shoes on the secondary market, not only makes it simpler for its audience to navigate the crowded market, which can be downright overwhelming, but it also lowers the risk of being burned by replicas or simply receiving the wrong product entirely.

Founded by Ryan Ng, a 22 year old techpreneur and an avid sneakerhead, and he said, “We’ve taken into account the many recent shifts in the reselling culture – both locally and globally. A great deal for a pair of shoes today could be terrible tomorrow. This is where CNCRD comes in to ultimately cement our vision to provide the best retail e-commerce experience for our users. And for CNCRD to also provide an offline experience for our customers to buy and sell the latest, most coveted sneakers in the best way possible is our way of taking the business to the next level. On top of the online platform, CNCRD has also simultaneously launched its brick and mortar showroom at The Five, Damansara Heights to bring the best of both worlds – the scalability of technology to sellers and the intimacy of a physical space to our customers. We believe this hybrid shopping experience is the way to go”.

Hailing from Muar, Ryan was introduced into this scene when he first came to Kuala Lumpur for college. “It was 2018 and I was turning 18 at the time, there was a buzz amongst my friends about the Jordan 1 Nigel Sylvester’s and it was the first pair that sparked an interest to dig deeper into the scene. I was living on a basic allowance and all I could do was admire it. The first pair I’ve ever ‘flipped’ was a pair of UltraBoosts and my best friend of 15 years was my first ever customer. It was a very ecstatic feeling, that catapulted and snowballed to selling my first 5, 10, 20 pairs of sneakers”, explained Ryan further.

It was with this realisation, that what he did could be a business, that propelled him to team up with his good friend, Bryan Ong to incorporate a partnership. With the aim of creating an ecosystem that is transparent for sellers and a whole new experience for consumers, CNCRD was finally established in Q4 of 2021, to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers seamlessly. “In time, we hope to expand our product category to include apparel, collectibles and many more. But for now our focus is to firm up the system, educating our audience, creating the awareness and to utilise data to maximise sales for sellers and cater to a more curated shopping experience for end users”, quips Bryan.

Naming Eddy Lu, CEO and Co-Founder of GOAT and Kevin Ma, CEO of HYPEBEAST as their major source of inspiration, CNCRD resides on the mission to grow sustainably as a company into business segments of similar synergies while constantly providing value for its users. In the long run, CNCRD aims to position itself as a tech conglomerate and to venture into various segmentations of technology and other digital business landscapes. To strengthen the team, Ryan and Bryan have roped in Ric Wang as a co-founder and Creative Director of CNCRD.

“Together with Bryan, Ric and our whole team at CNCRD, I hope to work and lead CNCRD to cement its position as an industry leader both locally and regionally, to grow sustainably and to maximise our shareholders’ returns. The executive team utilises data-driven decision to ensure that our growth is sustainable and investments in different business segments internationally are collaboratively appropriate. I believe very strongly that the chemistry and synergy of the team has what it takes to contend and to build an exciting culture that are both innovative and efficiently in its troubleshooting – eliminating ambiguity and short-term solutions.

“As it is with the sneaker culture, it is also paramount for us to create a “CNCRD tribe”. We have planned out various activities that aims to serve multi-disciplinary creatives by working together on cultivating our physical space. CNCRD’s creative direction serves as a narrative to radiate multi-disciplines of culture ranging from fashion, art, design all the way to food and sports. The launch of our showroom recently is a testament of this as it was attended by the who’s who of the KL scene from various industries.

I also have to mention here that we are in the midst of developing our CNCRD app (due by Q2 2023) but in the meantime, do visit our website; and if you are in the Damansara Heights area, come visit our showroom and check out what CNCRD is all about!”, enthused the effervescent Ryan.

For more information, kindly visit or follow CNCRD on its social media platforms, as follows:


Facebook: CNCRD

Instagram: @cncrd_official

Tik Tok: @cncrd_official


CNCRD’s showroom is located at A-2-03, The Five@KPD, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

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